Journey Coming to an End

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My journey is coming to a close. I sit beside the rooftop pool of this luxury hotel, and I fight from dissolving into pool of tears. 

We left Nairobi last Saturday, headed for Gem on the western edge of Kenya, near Uganda. Nairobi gives way to lush scenery. We climb in elevation and find ourselves encased in fog. Temperatures drop. The roadsides are spotted with lean-to markets, donkeys, sheep, cows. The Rift Valley appears like Brigadoon, with sunlight spilling over the valley dripping with misty pastels of blues, creams, and greens with silver glimmering  lakes. 

Baboons cross the street! Zebras graze feet away! But amidst this breathtaking beauty, poverty is always in sight.

Our week is spent visiting groups of women working together in an effort to make a profit selling their baskets or produce. Pangea provides a training on Human Rights to 79 women. Women’s and children’s rights are taught to yet another group. And we treat ourselves to a safari in Nukuru.  

I promise to write more, but I find I am exhausted and need time to process all that I have seen. I cannot understand how this world is filled with such contrasts, such beauty yet  sorrow, such wealth yet complacency. And here, they work so hard for so little. 

Close to 2,000 photos have been taken, all of the beauty and grace of these people and their homeland. I promise to share soon.

Asante Sana.