I Cried My Way Through Kenya

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Whether it was because of heart wrenching sorrow, fits of laughter, or gasps of astonishment, I have cried my way through Kenya. 

After close to two weeks of intense discovery and interaction with the people of Kenya, we treat ourselves to an overnight vacation at Lake Nakuru in the Rift Valley. When we pull up to the entrance to the sanctuary, Joshua and NIcole head into the building to purchase our entrance passes. Some adorable monkeys come close by to investigate. I get out of the car and begin to take photos. In an instant, they jump onto the roof of the car and then just as suddenly, swing themselves inside. We stare in disbelief as they scavenge for food. Poor Dorothy iss horrified sitting in the driver’s seat with monkeys staring at her from behind. I’m frozen in astonishment. And Josh and Nicole come dashing to the car giggling at the scene. This is a moment that creates fits of laughter that lasts days on end for us.  

Though we don’t spot a lion, we do see the carcasses and bones left from their kills. We come around a bend to be faced with a herd of giraffes. If they had been dinosaurs, I would not have been more enchanted. We see baboons, black and white rhinos, water buffalo, waterbucks, impalas, zebras, ostriches, flamingos. Some sights cause me to gasp for breath, tears streaming down my face and the beauty before me. 

I love Kenya.