Danke Schöen

I am grateful for . . .

• Blue wooden doors painted with peacock feathers and faces peering into the courtyard of Hilmsen

• Blackberries found along cobblestone streets

• Hubert, the cat, who behaves more like a dog waiting to greet your return

• Breezes fluttering the leaves outside my bedroom window reminding me of the ocean.

• Gold-lit fields after a storm with a rainbow's end falling into the stand of trees.

• Rye and wheat fields and sunflowers and gardens

• Painted horses

• Cows who serenade you as you photograph them.

• Long walks in the country

• Quiet

• Bankers, architects, police chiefs, psychiatrists, reporters, mayors, gypsies, authors, photographers, accordion players, harpists students—all who support the importance of the arts


• The patio and waitress from Bergermeisterhof which played my home and hostess while photographing

• The soft light that played into Kuntshaus through aged and often missing grand windows

• Hilmsen

• Salzwedel

• Hans for providing artists such a magical place for a residency

• Gus who traveled far and wide to help me settle into this new space

• Sebastian who played with cameras with me

• Fabian who made such a patient model and guide

• Our rental car that brought us freedom to roam

• And Hallie, who walked arm and arm with me on this extraordinary adventure.